After initially studying sculpture at Somerset College of Art, Philip Tonkyn later became well known as an air-brush artist and illustrator with clients including the space rock band Hawkwind and sci-fi authors Brian Aldiss, Frederick Pohl and Robert Heinlein. His long held interest in surrealist and visionary art is now expressed through photography and digital art. He creates tangible depictions of sacred landscape by merging up to forty-nine photographs, each taken at high resolution with a wide angle lens, into detailed and luminous panoramas. Many encompass a greater than a 270 degree angle of view, far beyond that experienced with a single glance, placing the viewer within the scene as in the hyperreal world of dream and vision. His work invites viewing on three levels: the overall composition of his larger-than-life landscapes, the microscopic attention to detail his work displays, and the underlying theme of 'Portal' embedded in all of his imagery.

In the Simulacra Series, sections of photographs are reflected, creating the appearance of ‘spirit’ forms, revealing both their inner nature and the projected psyche of the viewer. These pictures are portraits of the Earth Spirit. It is notable that such symmetry is characteristic of sacred art and iconography throughout the world, and that there is indeed much magic in mirrors.

Philip Tonkyn has over fifty years experience in art, illustration and art education. His work has been widely published and exhibited, including works hung at the Royal West Academy 156,158, 165, 166 167 and 168 Open Exhibitions and the Open Photography 2 Exhibition. He was Director of Art at the Portsmouth Grammar School from 1988 to 2003. In 2007 he returned to live in Glastonbury with his wife Caroline. Together they produce prints and cards celebrating their love of Glastonbury, the Ancient Avalon and their long time spiritual home.

Philip Tonkyn MA ARPS MSIAD was brought up on the slopes of the Tor in Glastonbury. His childhood experiences of the Tor's powerful energies have been a lifelong influence and inspiration in his work. Echoes of the Sacred Hill and Sun alignment reoccur throughout his art. Now, in his later life, he has returned to Glastonbury to give full expression to his fascination with the mystery of this place.